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Roli Treads Stiff

Hi, I really love Roli. However, his treads are stiff and thus when he moves the motors go through a labored sound and he kind of lurches and slows down again and again as the treads work their way around the mechanism. Is there a suggested way to soften the treads? I imagine this was because they were installed at the factory and have "Set" into their current shape. You might consider shipping the treads uninstalled and let the user install them.

I can work around this by setting the speed of the right treads slower such that the robot will track fairly straight. However, it would be great if you have some suggestions to soften the treads.

All in all the EZB V4 Revolution, its a great product and I am really impressed. I am 3D printing additional attachments. I have two V3 kits that I have bought from you in the past and this is by far more robust moving from bluetooth to wireless.


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I haven't noticed any stiffness, but I have noticed that the wheels sometimes spin free inside the tread. I lowered the chassis one notch to tighten the tread a bit (unscrew the plate between the wheels, pull the wheel sideways until the gear teeth are free, rotate one tooth, then push the wheel back in. Repeat on other side, then tighten the plate again. Repeat for other wheel pair) and that greatly improved the performance on carpet, although I still get some slipping when making a turn on carpet.

performance on a hard floor is fine.



Isn't the height of Roli adjustable... If you raise him up the wheel arms will get close together allowing the treads to loosen up...


taking the treads off and soaking them in hot water should reshape them if they've been stretched or warped