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Roli Not Powering On

Just purchased Roli and Six for my classroom. Six is up and running, actually dancing. Roli will not power on. We have taken him apart and put him back to together multiple times. We even check the connections in Roli's belly. He's still not powering on.

Thank you.


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Does the ezb in Roli boot up or is there zero power anywhere on Roli? First is to check the obvious things...

  1. Did you check the battery and make sure it is charged?... Test it with a voltage meter or swat out Six's battery to test Roli with....

  2. Check the main fuse in Roli

  3. Carefully check the wire connections to the H-bridge in particular to make sure all the wiring is plugged it to where it is supposed to be..


The battery is fully charged. We checked wiring inside Roli using: Connecting Roli's Motors (H-Bridge). How do you check the main fuse? Is that the white button that is supposed to be pushed down? I am going to try and change the batteries and place Roli's in Six.


I just saw and read your link. I am a middle school teacher and this is beyond what I am capable of doing.


Hmmm, so if Roli is completely dead (no power anywhere) even with a charged battery then it may be a blown fuse... Can someone in another dept give you a hand opening up Roli?


Thanks for getting back to me so quickly. I am the computer teacher. People come to me for help. I emailed customer support. I'm hoping they can resolve my issue quickly. Thanks again.


Keri, Aislinn will respond to you message :)

One hint of advice, please make only one new topic post per subject. The original message would have been fine to continue responding / rather than creating a second post.

I see in your other post that you were having trouble understanding where to connect the wires. there is a very detailed and easy to follow Learn section on the website with details for every robot. Please press the learn button on the top menu of this website -or- select the roli learn button when loading ARC software.

This will apply to all of your robots to prevent further problems. That's why we created the learn section:) it's your manual to get up and running!

Referring duplicate post:

In the meantime, can you please answer these two questions....

  1. have you tried swapping a working ezb from your other robot into roli to see if it powers on. You do not need to connect any wires. Simply insert the working ezb into roli ezb slot and see if it powers on. Report back

  2. what ports did you connect the black and red wires of the hbridge to?


Sorry for the multiple posts. Kids posted that earlier in the day. I found the answer to their question through the learn section. I connected the black and red wires according to the picture. I have not swapped the ezb from Six to Roli. I can try that after class today. I have to disconnect all the wires from Six and Roli before I do that?


You won't have to disconnect the wires from Six. However, it might be a little snug to plug the Six ez-b into the Roli with the servos still attached. It'll be a fun exercise at any extent :)

As for Roli - you might as well disconnect all the wires because it doesn't seem to be working.

It's important that the Roli Red and Black wires that you had asked about are connected to the correct location. If they are connected to the opposite side or a different location, the EZ-B will be damaged and Roli will not turn on. Just like if you were to connect your home theater incorrectly :)

Roli's tutorials can be found in the Learn section. This is the main tutorial list:

The wiring tutorial is here:

I've circled the wiring tutorial User-inserted image

Hope this helps for the future:D Our goal is to continue making it as easy as we can. The Learn section has step by step tutorials to get your robot up and operational!


That's the tutorial I found and looked at to figure out the correct wire placement. I was able to remove the ezb(that's the square with the ports?) from Roli and place in Six. A light came on the ezb when I switched Roli's power button on. I placed it back in Roli and it does not light up.


My apologies. When I placed the ezb in Six a light came on. It did not come on when in Roli.


To clarify, the EZ-B from ROLI does not light up when placed into SIX. Is that correct?

That's good to know - it means your EZ-B is good. You can find out more about the EZ-B in the Learn section for Roli's tutorial here to help identify it in the future: (it's step #4 of the lesson in learn section)

The EZ-B is the brain of the robot. It's the most expensive part to manufacture, so we make it modular - meaning you can take it out of the robot. This keeps consumer cost down because you can swap them out. And, if one is damaged you can replace it without having to replace the whole robot. :)

So your EZ-B is good. This means the fuse may be blown in the Roli. That's most likely the case - specifically when the Black and Red wires may have been accidently connected in the wrong place during experimenting.

The fuse can be replaced easily as well. The Lesson for that is in Roli's learn section, and here is a direct link:

User-inserted image