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Roli Is Out For Delivery. Yea

My rover-Roli is out for delivery, ordered 9/18/13...



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have seen pictures of roli using rotation servo for camera and lever only for arms
Hmm, one can probably use "lever" servos only for the arms, but the ARC instructions for Roli say to use "rotation" servos at the connection to the main body (i.e. shoulder joint). So that's what we tried to do. Same with the current video in the "Shop" area, it shows rotation servos.

Not the biggest problem for us right now, we're having issues connecting to the EZ-B via WiFi on the kid's computer. Trying via my laptop now.
to fix servo we need the following:

User-inserted image


@coryBlair I will sent track to you! After getting new track...

User-inserted image

User-inserted image

User-inserted image

made 3d part. Temp solution for Roli-rover aka my Snack Butler.

What happened to the original part that came with Roli's neck assembly?
Not that it really matters any, but I think you have the upper neck (rotate) servo on backwards... Check Roli's picture in the online store to see what I mean.....
@jdebay Yeah I need to work on printing the parts out myself. Your print looks good.
Just received mine. As others here have reported though, instead of 5 lever and 3 rotation servos, it came with 7 lever and 1 rotation servo.

I'll reach our on the Contact Us link for a solution.

Charging up the battery now and will test when I get home from work tonight.

@Alan...if you have a 3d printer you can probably turn 2 of your lever servos into rotational ones....
@thetechguru Yes contact customer support and we will help you get the proper parts.

@Richard Your obsolutly right, untill you get the proper parts from us you can 3D print them for the time being. The parts are located here.
Unfortunately I do not have a 3D printer to create my own parts.
Yeah, 3d printer is on my wish list, but going to be some time before I can get one.

DHL just dropped off the plastic bits to convert the lever servos to rotation servos (I actually used 2 from my dev kit so I can give Roli longer arms).

Thanks for quickly taking care of this EZ-Robots!

Awesome to hear @thetechguru! Glad they came so fast- I just sent it out on Friday. :)


Awesome to hear @thetechguru! Glad they came so fast- I just sent it out on Friday

Yeah, I saw all the DHL envelopes on the desk in the office camera, and was going to comment that it must be Roli parts, but I got busy and when I looked again they were gone.

Also super pleased with DHL. they have come a long way in the past few years. They sent me a text last night to say it was due to be delivered today, and a link to options to change the address or have it held at their location. I am home sick today, so I re-directed it from my office to my home. Showed up with no problem.

Edited to remove comments about arms buzzing. Discovered it was that the AutoPosition in the Roli example had the claws at 95 instead of 90 in the resting position, so they were buzzing like crazy.

My parts were just delivered. I have to hand it to DHL. No other company would deliver at 9:15pm.
Alan, updated the app in the cloud - and will be included in the next ARC release. thanks for the heads up!
I got all my replacement parts, assembled... Snack Butler is ready to go to work. lol