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Robotics Workshop For Kids Advice

TL;DR We need ideas for easy programs that children can build.

Hello :)

I'm an educator for robotics and coding workshops for children. We recently purchased some battle flipper and six bots to teach with. We're looking for some project ideas everyone may have for designing a curriculum (leaning more heavily on the six bots). Currently we have:

-shake a paw -dab -code your way through an obstacle course (kind of lacking due to the consistency and accuracy of the sixes movement) -battle bots (which only requires the children to use the remote control feature) -making a dance -telling jokes based on a random selection

We will be using tablets as our platform and primarily RoboScratch for our environment. Not looking for help with the coding aspect however if you have any ideas on mini projects we can do that would be greatly appreciated! Thanks for your time :)


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Hey science north. There’s some games and movie scripts you can do. Check the learn section for the movie script ones. That seems to be the most popular in classes.

The idea is to get the kids to think of a movie and reproduce a scene. They use a combination of speech commands and actions to act the scene.

Regarding the inconsistency of six’s movements for obstacle course. Watch the video tutorial on it - because the obstacle course would have to not be very complicated. This is because a robot that walks with legs is going to experience some slip and therefore irregular movements - which is part of the challenge. While you watch lots of robots on news articles doing great things, the fact is they take many many many retakes to get right because robots aren’t great at positioning.... YET. And that’s why it’s a good idea to get kids involved in the challenges today.

So while you feel the lesson is challenging - it’s also teaching children the limitations of robotics tosay so they can participate in their future careers to fix it :)

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