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Robotic Base Modification For Laundry Cart

I solved my quest for a cool looking platform base which was a requirement from my wife.

Just ordered this two wheeled self-balancing scooter to modify for a laundry / grocery cart.

$425 with shipping.

I plan to add a triangular platform with a 3rd swivel wheel for increased stability.

I already have the LIDAR Lite for room recognition and object avoidance:

I'll use 3 ping sensors to prevent the added 3rd wheel from banging things on turns.

I found a video of one being disassembled:

I'm guessing they use two accelerometers that control the speed and direction of each wheel independently. They probably use pulse width modulation to control the speed.



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Hey, that's cool. Looks like a real neat platform. However I am wondering why you cooose a self balancing robot for this if you're going to add a third wheel to carry loads. I'm probably missing something but doesn't that nullify the self balancing function?
Hi Dave,

Thanks much for your question. Because it has to look nice and carry a basket that's larger than the area of a person standing. DJ suggested that if it were only two wheeled one would have to be mindful about placing objects for proper weight distribution or it would go flying into walls. That won't be a problem for me but my wife doesn't think like I do.


Thanks Bill. That makes sense. Cool looking unit. Good luck. I hope you keep posting on this project.
Just got the Lidar Lite working. Damn DJ made an easy interface for it.
I found the wiring diagram here:
Here's DJ's tutorial and code for LIDAR lite:

I wonder if this would take care of the stability issue on two wheels instead of 3?

It seems that if I left the accelerometers and gyros handling the balancing it would correct for the swinging when something wasn't placed directly in the center of the basket.

I think the swinging baskets will prevent this example of someone removing something from Mip's platter:

Here's a picture of what I'm thinking:
User-inserted image

Any ideas if that's correct?
Would you happen to be looking for a more "remote controlled" idea?