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Resolved Resolved by DJ Sures!

Robot Volume

Wondering what people do if they want louder volume on their robot? I had some students record their voices, but when they added movements, the sound of the servos overpowered their grade 2 voice...


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1) You can turn the volume up on the robot - but clipping may occur like in any amplifier/stereo/etc. Volume control is on the same screen of Mic Recording on mobile. Volume control is also on the same Mic control in Windows. Volume is a slider - you can slide the slider to control the volume using the mouse or finger on touch devices.

2) First time i've heard quiet grade 2 children:D - have them speak a little louder into the tablet/phone/computer microphone when recording their voice. Some children may attempt to talk toward the robot, when it's the device that does the recording.
Ok, I will try that tomorrow... it's amazing how quiet they get when nervous...
I bet! So that's how I can quiet my nephew down, make him nervous with the robot recorder!

Also - I'll have Professor e sketch up a the robot program episode on using the microphone. It'll be a fun one!
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