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Robot Programming In Linux


I've been given a ez-robot developer kit. I'm a linux user and I would like to know a couple of things about programming under linux:

* Is there a builder for linux? I can see there is one for windows
* I can see there is a SDK for linux with mono. Is it possible to just work with the SDK without the builder? Is it possible to do exactly the same with the mono sdk than with the windows sdk? Has mono sdk any limitation?



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Your only option is to use the mono sdk. The limitations are that there is no support for vision tracking or speech recognition. You will need to implement an open cv or create it yourself with linux.
I know this is not what most Linux users want to hear, but ARC runs great in a VirtualBox or other Windows Virtual Machine under Linux. You can install Windows 10 in VirtualBox without activating it (just skip the activation the two times you are asked) and it will reportedly run for a year with only two minor limitations for a year.

I would do that just to be able to run ARC and see the easy way of controlling your EZ-B. You can then decide whether it is worth purchasing a Windows license to maintain that simplicity, or if you really want to go through all of the work of recreating the functionality in the Mono SDK. Some who really enjoy the programming challenge may let their Windows expire before activating, while others will be so impressed with the EZ ability to design robots with ARC that it will be worth the expense of a Windows license or a cheap Windows machine (you can easily get a Windows small form factor PC or even a cheap windows tablet for $100).

may a little late:D If you´re using Linux, the best thing would be "Mono Develop". You can write code and debug it, also you can create simply GUIs like in Visual Studio, via Drag&Drop:)