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Robot Power Supplies

Wanted to know if anyone is interested to post their power supply schematics and wiring drawings to this thread. I think it would benefit everyone to pool our knowledge in one place and to see how others are powering their robots. Any lessons learned/tips/tricks/links to parts are welcome.


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7.8V Charger - 6.5V 4Ah l/a battery - EZ-B & Motor driver


Thanks Niek. Do you have any wiring diagrams or schematics to share?


My system is feeding this, a battery sla 12v or more batteries connected in parallel with a final voltage of 12V, then the fuse box with switches for each output, the two direct connect esc without regulator because they operate at 12V, (40th at the outputs of amp) outputs an 10 amp voltage regulators individual because I need different voltages as 6v or 7v depending on the servos, 8v for ez-b, 2.5 v for lEDs, and some more. Voltage regulators are based on LM317 and are adjusted with a small pot each. User-inserted image

User-inserted image

User-inserted image


Thanks R2D2. Did you build the LM317 regulator circuits yourself? I really like the power distribution box from I did not know there were things like that available.

I think this thread will help all who seek to build good power systems for their bots. I hope many others will participate.


If regulatory circuit with LM317 built for me, very easy to just five components, if replaced by r2 resistance of 2200 ohm adjustable resistor can adjust the output voltage to a maximum of 12v, and heat sinks are recycled from other circuits. User-inserted image

The fuse box hobbyking by $ 13, very good buy. rgordon greetings, an interesting thread. power strip fuse box


I am using 12V battery for my little B9 with digital voltage regulators to power some servos and lights. I will take some pics tonight and try to draw something.


Thanks everyone for participating. I will post drawings as soon as I can.