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Resolved Resolved by Dunning-Kruger!

Robot Kit's Connection?

It seems I can't connect my PC to my DJ robot. Any problem guys? The instruction on #5 says "press the Web Configuration Access button on the Connection Control." but all it says on my web is "This webpage is not available". What do i do guys?


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Maybe visit the LEARN section and go through the JD tutorials. There may be some additional clues to what needs to be done.
What do you mean by "the instruction on #5"? Where did you find an instruction called #5? It will be helpful to see if we are missing something somewhere..

If you have a RALink Wireless Adapter, HP or Compaq PC, there are reports of connection issues with the these WiFi modules. If your computer is suffering from WiFi connection issues with the EZ-B v4, please visit this forum discussion and provide us with a diagnostic report. We are working with our WiFi manufacturer to resolve the RaLink WiFi connectivity issues. In the meantime, you may use an external USB WiFi module for connectivity to your EZ-Robot. You may purchase a USB WiFi module from any electronics/computer hardware retail outlet.

The wireless adapters with known issues are:
I meant "instruction # 5" as in the "Learn" tab under the lessons for JD "1. Connecting to JD" then under "Lever servo Calibration - EZ-Bit servo Calibration". It will give a series of instruction. I'm talking about the 5th one. I found my Kit's wifi connection but could not connect to it.
Are you having issues with WiFi? In this forum, follow these instructions...

1) Load ARC

2) Press PROJECT from top menu

3) Press ADD


5) Press the COPY TO CLIPBOARD button on the bottom of the DIAGNOSTIC REPORT WINDOW

6) Return to this forum

7) Create a new reply in this topic and RIGHT CLICK and select PASTE. We want you to PASTE the contents of the DIAGNOSTIC REPORT.

We are working with the manufacturer of our WiFi Module (BlueGiga) to rectify the WiFi connectivity issue with HP PC's.

Thank you
@deuel18 The reason you are getting "webpage not available" is because you are not connected to your ezb4... As DJ and Doc said follow the tutorial like the bible.... The most crucial part is first connecting to your ezb4 from your wifi network list, then you can move on from there...

If you can't connect to your ezb4 then as DJ mentioned also you need print our a diagnostic report for ez robot look at and get a cheap wifi dongle from ebay to connect. Once you connect and flip the ezb4 into client mode you will be able to use your pc without the plugin wifi dongle...