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Robot Ideas

What are some advance and cool robot ideas? I what a robot that could interact with you and others. So, give me your ideas!



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A personal robot. Lol omnibot , or omnibot 2000 are excellent toys to put the ezb kit in. They can be security at night or when your not home , put a roomba vacuum under your bot and now it can have a sweeping mode too. So now its a maid. You can eventually teach.your bot to grab and carry a drink to you. There are all kinds but cleaning and personal robots seem to be the way to go.. I thought about taking advantage of Bluetooth and when I'm home I could bootstrap the Mic.and speaker on the bot and the robot would be a handsfree bluetooth lol I hear their voice from them and I talk just like on speakerphone. Could be useful if you are working on somthing and need to answer the phone. I'm putting a couple speakers in mine so when Im working on Somthing it plays mp3 or a movie. I thought about putting a LCD on.mine. there are practical uses , just.be realistic of what current tech.there is out there and your bot can have a handful of features.
Thanks! But I what something other than Qmnibot or Omnibot 2000. Do you have any other ideas?
It's really up to you what you build and what features you put in to it . Check the project showcase and see what others are doing . I'm using a Buster toy for the one I'm working on now . I used a Walmart backhoe toy for testing. I had ideas for a scratch built robot also. I want to be able to talk to my robot and have a conversation. It would be nice for it recognize me also. Why don't you tell us a little about what you think or would like to see ? JW:)
You can also build a robot from scratch, take a look at my project to any idea, this robot is built from a trash can and a bowl, Greetings.
R2D2 I had forgot about that great robot and it's a good example what you can do with locally available materials . J.W.:)
Just a recommendation since you are new. I highly recommend using a premade chassis or modify a toy robot for your first try. Even something that seems small can be a large endeavor. I recommend just getting a toy you think is cool to modify that is already motorized. As for premade chassis the dagu rover 5 is made for modification , using tracks or attaching wheels , and has a 4fwd option too. I just bought a rover 5 to use for its treads and I bought it for 50 dollars New. You can easily use it as a base to make a cool body and just attach.it to the base.
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Thanks everyone! Your advice really helped.
For Robotineer,

You might want to look at LeafProject.org. We have several Open Source robots that interact with people. Mine is 5' tall, but you can make one taller or shorter according to your needs.

How old are you robotineer? Ever build anything before or used rc cars or planes?
That leaf project is pretty cool. Some AI features would be awesome.

I originally wanted to modify a Spykee Spy Robot but decided against it. I decided to build from scratch mainly from items I already had.

Got ez-b kit
Old oatmeal container
Rigid wrap
Bendable foam ties
Pololu base 5"
Ordered controller for dc motor
Ordered mp3 trigger
Tshirt for skin
Oh and liquid latex

And at the end I am hoping to have a one eyed despicable me minion.