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Robot Cleaning Method?

My donor-bot, a Robie Sr., looks like it was buried in the dirt at one point. So I was wondering how people have been cleaning their older robots found on eBay, etc. I'll disassemble my robot first removing all the electronic components.

I've seen mention of using a dishwasher. Would that be top-rack only? Dish soap? Light wash? etc etc. I don't want the plastic shell to melt...

How about soaking in a tub of warm water and then a good scrubbing? Can anyone recommend a good soap that will get off grime and dirt, but not leave too much of a soapy residue? I'm likely to repaint my robot.


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@JT I used the dishwasher with dish soap (Dawn) and a NO DRY setting so it wouldn't get too hot. I used both upper and racks and had NO melting. Then I painted mine with a plastic paint from a hobby shop. I changed colors so staining was not an issue. I just needed it to be very clean.
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Whoa! Black looks sick!!!! I like it!
Thanks, @bret.tallent! Follow-up question for the dishwasher method. When you washed your Omnibot's arms did you take them apart first or leave them assembled for the washing?
Take it apart

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Put it in the dishwasher:)

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Some people don't use the heat cycle. I do, I haven't had anything melt.

If you wash any gear mechanisms, make sure you re-grease them after. The dishwasher will wash the grease away. I use automotive white lube on my gears.