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Robosapien H Bridge Motor Controller

This message is for DJ or anyone else who may have an answer. I am combining my robosapien with a RAD base for movement. In setting up the robosapien it seems I must use the D1 port to connect to the Robosapien via the Movement Panel for robosapien. I assume that is how I must communicate with the robosapien control module as no other option is mentioned.

Question: As I cannot add a second Movement Panel to control the RAD base, is it possible to take the outputs to the leg motors of robosapien and tie those into the Hbridge controlling the RAD base instead? Or will this cause the rad base to drive wonky because it is set up for a walking bot?


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I suppose only another Radsapienstine builder would know for sure:P

When using the Robosapien as normal do you have the ability to individually control certain joints on the robot (like hip joints for example), or is it only pre-programmed movements?