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Robosapien Connection Question

My board is a different version than your's and doesn't have a solder place that says IR, it has one that says VRE and Out1. I've included and photo of the board.

Thanks Mike

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Currently at work, but I have the same exact board on my robosapien. I plan on cracking the head open and trace the IR signal wire. Will keep you updated.


Thanks, I'll be waiting for an update


Out1 worked for my Robosapien build.


Out1 worked for me too, but the power wires power the board up but not the blue tooth for some reason.


Are you tapping into the switch power like the tutorial video?


Our switch board is completly different from the tutorial too, but I tapped the switch power that measured 6 volts, it powers up the board but not the blue tooth light. When I power from my rc battery it all works fine.


I have the exact same problems. I got the IR problem figured out, but haven't wired up the power switch. There is a thread that I started about a week ago, and it has some pictures that I took of the power switches.

Power Switch pics


On my power switch i used the outside free for gnd and vcc for positive, my board looks like the lower switch of Teddyjenks lower board.


EZ-b require at least a solid 6v to operate properly, if it detect less than that , it will turn on but limited, bluetooth will be off. red wire ( v-out) along with any one of the brown wires, the last one seem to produce an higher voltage, really don't see why but it does.

I am currently running the latest version of ARC and it is constantly freezing my pc when try to activate the Robosapien examples along with the camera. Are you guys having this issued?


Sorry been detained away from my computer for awhile, I'm not having any pc freeze-up problems and did get the bluetooth to work with fresh set of batteries, just for not very long though before there down enough for the bluetooth to stop working again, that's because there are only 4 batteries in the sapien for a total of 6V.