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Roboard Rb-100 With Ezrobot?

Hello guys, im new in this area of robotics and still lack of knowledge regarding this. Im using Roboard RB100 for my project and I want to use it as an embedded pc for controlling the algorithm for the Humanoid Robotic that play soccer. I want to make it able to detect the ball, recognize it and make an action. But the problem is after I finished installed the demo OS(lubuntu) to the board, I dont know where to start and what easier to apply for the current technologies. The OS seem run slowly. Did I can use ezrobot in this case? since I want to set as autonomous robotic from it. Glad if I can get a guide for a newbie like me and some explanation regarding the problem that I had. *I cant change the board I use since it was assigned to me. sick stress


Upgrade to ARC Pro

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Powerful Single Board Computer dedicated to robotics applications Based on the Vortex86DX, a 32bit x86 CPU running at 1000MHz with 256MB DRAM Compatible with Linux and DOS (Windows is still in testing) Open Source C++ Library for Roboard's unique I/O functions (sensors, actuators, etc.) A perfect solution for Microsoft Robotics Studio development

I don't think that ARC is a good solution for you. Here are my reasons...

If ubuntu is slow, windows will most likely be even slower. It really depends on a great many things, but this is a normal rule.

ARC runs on Windows. This board doesn't show that it supports windows yet.

If you cant change the board, your going to have to work within the confines of the equipment assigned to you. ARC doesn't have to use an EZ-B, but it does require windows.


Thank you for guidance. I really appreciate it. Since it cant be helped that I need to linux for the system, did you know any suggestion or tips on linux based autonomous system so that I can start from the bottom?


ROS is the best place I think for this. It is mainly linux based and there are quite a few people who are doing work in this environment.

If I were given this board, I would first look at ROS. Another option is MyRobotLab. They are some sharp guys over there. MyRobotLab is Java based with Python scripting to tie everything together.


I say ditch the complicated and slow "roboboard" and replace it with an EZ-B. Since you're new to robotics, there is absolutely no way you will accomplish much with ROS. The last thing you need is to feel discouraged by attempting to use super complicated programming libraries, such as ROS or restrictive and buggy software like MyRobotLab.

Get an EZ-B v4, install ARC on your PC and make the robot do really amazing things. When you're ready, get an embedded PC for the robot or use your mobile device to control it.

Starting with ROS or something less complicated than EZ-Robot will make your hair turn grey. It's like rebuilding a car engine before you learn how to drive.

EZ-Robot may be easy, but that does not sacrifice features or potential. You can have your cake and eat it to with ez-robot.

@cochran, it's unlike you to send a beginner to ROS. That's just mean :)


This is why I also mentioned MyRobotLab.

I suspect that their professor is directing them to ROS, so I thought they should at least look at it, but ultimately MRL is much easier to use in that environment.


Thank you in advance for the tips and commend regarding this. I would love to try both of it and expand my knowledge in robotics area. Since I cant change to board that was already assigned to me, maybe I need to include this as my future project with EZ-B. Even for the moment I need to dive deep into the world of linux based robotics. eyeroll;) :)