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Robo Claw 2X30

Has anyone used the Robo Claw 2x30 to operate 12V DC Gear motors? The Robo Claw is basically the same as the Sabretooth 2x25. I have used the robo claw 2x30 using RC control and it works great. I just tried to use it in simple serial mode with the EZ-B. Plugged the R/C cable from D0 on EZ-b to the S1 pins on the Robo Claw. set the dip swith for simple serial and the baud rate switches to 34800. Using the Sabretooth control, Only one wheel turns forward and backwards at a very slow speed. The other wheel does not turn at all. What am I missing?

Dan S.


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I don't know anyone using that controller. Can you post pics , specs , and a link where you bought it from?
jstarme1: Basically it is the same as the Sabretooth 2X25 Controller. This one is made by Basic Micro and is Called Robo Claw 2x30 It provides 30amp of continous power to each motor where as the Sabretooth only provides 25amps of continous power to the motors.

I Was able to get it to work after I tried using the Sabretooth 2x25 that I took out of my robot at home. Once I got that working as specificed in the EZ-B tutorial, I set up the Robo Claw the same way. Hooking the Gnd on the Robo Claw to the Gnd on the EZ-B, 5V to 5V and the D0 signal pin on EZ-B to the S1 pin on the Robo Claw. I set the 10 dip switch setting as follow: 1 off, 2 on, 3 off, 4 on, 5 on, 6, off , 7 off, 8 off , 9 off, 10 off. SW 2 sets the Robo Claw into the Simple Serial mode, SW 4&5 set the Baud rate to 38400.

I also made sure that the two jimpers were in place so the Electronics get power from the motor battery.

After setting all this up, I hooked the two motors up to the screw terminals and the the battery as indicated on the board, then using the Modified servo control, I was able to operate both wheels in forward and reverse direction. I had to swap the command code numbers to get it to turn left and right. After that it worked fine.

As soon as I find a way to post the photos I will post them, so other will know that they can use the Robo Claw controller with the EZ-B controller.

Dan S.