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Rgb Leds Move Really Slow

I am new to the ezb revolution. I have the EZB4 up and running and connects to network fine but when i set up the animations for the rgb leds and execute it with all frames transistions on 0 and saved all leds work fine but they just crawl very slowly. just recieved the rgb led unit today, so dont know if its defective. or if default settings are wrong, or if i did something wrong setting it up but I followed instruction video very carefully by pausing as each step was shown. several timesI re set it up to the same thing happening.any one have any idea? what i can do? to speed them up? by the way camera works at normal speed and battery full speed wireless adapter is 300 bpms. continous rotation servos work also work at full speed so EZB4 seems to work fine on every thing else ,but the rgb leds are slow. i have nothing else for sensors right now to test, i2c ports for speed and have tried all 3 with same results. please help? thank you!


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Please post your project so I can take a look and provide instructions for what you're attempting to achieve


After several trys yesterday. I uninstalled old version of ARC and all traces I could find, including projects. Reinstalled newest version Downloaded yesterday. So I have started over. So no servos yet on this one. Only camera and RGB leds. And still leds move about 2 seconds to full brightness before changing to next transistion. Thank You So Much! for getting back to me so quickly. Hope You can find what I did wrong, or whatever is wrong with it. And Thanks again! Frank.EZB


You have 1000ms as your "pause" and "transition" times.... Have you tried reducing it to 500ms for both and see if it speeds things up?.... How about 250ms?


Just tested your project.... reducing all the pause and transition times on all of your frames will speed things up... I used 200ms on each of the frames....


Thank You so much for replying to my post! Yes have tried even 0ms on both, on all frames, but not 500 or 250 or 200, but other numbers. Did your unit work ok on 200ms on my project when you tryed? I Will try that and see If it helps. So Far only snag I have run Into. This EZ- Revolution Is SO AWSOME! Can`t Wait Till I get My project finnished. And Thanks again for your response so quickly! I will try that, and see what happens. And let you Know If any changes in speed shortly.


Yep got it to work fine using 200ms on pause and transitions on all of the frames.... really sped up your animation significantly.... Just to clarify, you have to do this for every frame and click save...


Thank You So Much ! So This Is What I just Did. I started Ezb4 Connected to network, Opened ARC , connected to ezb4. Then Opened my project, clicked on My nimations Then clicked on settings in reg led control panel , then highlighlighted my animations .then frame by frame set both ms on 200 , went to bottom left corner of panel and pushed save button. thenhighlighted my animations, then executed my animations and same thing. went to settings, My animations and every frame was back to 1000ms on both transitions.maybe I am doing something wrong because it does not seem to save my settings. same yesterday with both versions of builder.Thats why i went step by step this time. the file I uploaded this morning when i saved the project, i had all frames set on 0ms on both transitions. but when i checked after file was uploaded and tryed this time. before i changed settings this time. And as you said, every frame was back to 1000 on both transistions. what i am doing seems to be as the video. but i must be doing something wrong as it doesn`t seem to save settings long enough to even execute it correctly. Any suggestions? Thanks Again! Seems Like I Must have got Real dumb in the last few days lol!, or maybe going cenile at my age? lol jut kidding! probably just missing the most obvious small thing right in front of my!Anyway You Guys are Awsome ! And Thanks again will try anything to get it to save my settings. and I Know I Keep Saying thanks , for the help! but I am not used in recieving help much. used to doings on my own and helping others all i can . But Some times I just Do things without thinking and mess up. like once I made a coffee, set my hammer down on counter, made my coffee, thought I put milk in fridge lol! two hours later after looking for hammer. I noticed the milk out, and opened fridge and theres my hammer on the shelf! I laughed for Days and still do when i think about it. Thinking about the stuppidest split second brain cramp in my history. Sure makes ya feel sheepish and real stupid! when ya know better, but just impulse stupidity lol! LOL! Sorry will stick to subject from now on . Just thought someone might like a good laugh! Ha Ha! But True story anyway!


Ha, Ha.... hammer in the fridge LOL.... Everyone does stuff like that once in a while:).... I know it's a pain, but maybe start a new project and do the RGB animator control again from scratch... Something is a miss... Good news is, I highly doubt there is anything wrong with your RGB animator.... It definitely did work for me so if you get it to save with 200ms on pause and transition you should be golden..... :)


Thanks again Richard And DJ ! Will try that again richard ! as per your advice! and sure hope it works this time! Oh and by the way , dont know if it helps but last week I just re installed my Windows 7 64bit branded home prem. after repartitioning hdd , registered again, updated again with windows update to as of yesterday it says windows is up to date . am running sec. gen i5 2330 1155 intel @ 3.0- 3.3 turbo,msi z77 mb ,1155 socket, 12 gb Muskin enhanced 1333 ram with 11.9 usable. and almost 9gb after windows booted and up and running , running 250 gb usb3 wd hdd as boot drive, 2 seagate 2tb usb2 and 1 2tb seagate usb 3 hdd internally for data. asus 24x dvd burner, two wireless cards 300bps each . 1 internal xmedia card x16 slot and one xmedia usb2 adapter in usb3slot . can run both at same time connected to my network and works fast or i connect internal to my network and usb adapt. to EZB-4. also both seem to work well. not too fast but getting outdated. gets me by and working well at this time. I ran glary util. , scandisk full, avg full, emisoft malware scanner in full, ultradefrag on all drives. and that was before i reinstalled new ver of EZB4 build so shouldnt have any reg errors or virus or malware, spyware to mess with files i hope .any way will try that and will get back and thanks again guys!


K Guys This Is What I Just Did I Followed Richards Great Advice ! somewhat. I did everything as You advised. Deleted old project - then closed Builder but left recycle bin with old project. then connected eZb4, started builder, then new project ,added camera and rgb unit . made my animation but only threw a few random things in as usual. then pushed save after dual 200ms on all frames. then saved. but did not execute it yet to try thought you might want it this way first .before i try . I went to file and this time saved as instead of just save. renamed it and this is what i ended up with .after upload i will try it here also to see if any differences between your results and mine. Thanks anain guys!


Just Tried The Last Animation That I just posted and my results are as follows : Richard. I did not go into settings in the control panel first or after I ran my animation. I just executed it and is still runnung now. And as near as I can tell. It Speeded up Almost Twice as quick . But still a hair over 1 second between Transitions.that is between full brightness on each transistion Thanks a million again . I didnt want to go to settings first as i was afraid it would be 1000 ms still on every frame .but will check after i get done writing this to see if it stayed at dual 200ms on every frame. Gonna Try same with 0ms and 175ms on every frame next . by starting new projects each time and work my way down to hopefully a decent speed! I cant Thank You Enough For all Your Help so far. You Helped Me more than you know already ! Your awsome! for taking up your valuable time to help this old newbe! will up date again shortly to let you know how I`m making out. Twice as fast so far Awsome !


Sounds like you're not selecting the frame before changing the value. Each frame has its own value. There are blue question marks that explain the options and what they do. I highly advise that you read the question marks - we put a lot of effort in the help of blue question marks.

Additionally there are question marks on every control. There is a video tutorial which demonstrates exactly what you're doing. Here is a direct link to the rgb activity:

Watch the whole thing. Pay attention to the part near 1:20. Notice how I select the frame BEFORE changing the values.

You must select the frame before changing its value. You must select the frame so the value can by changed. Each frame has its own value.

Also, once you get to selecting the frame before changing going to value, the next step is for you to determine if you need a transition at all. Disabling the transition checkbox will switch the frames with no transition time.

That should help you:)


@frankknox038 You're welcome.... :) I think DJ has your answer for you... don't use any transition at all just a slight pause between frames...


Awsome DJ. What I do is: after clicking on My animations I start a new frame and setup the blocks and colors for that frame. then set the checkmarks for repeat animations and transitions then adjust ms on transistions and start new frame again and so on.then hit save . then execute. Sorry Guy. didnt notice blue ? for help and So sorry for bothering you awsome people; was just jumping the gun i guess or anxious I should say . but will start tutorals and pay attention more before starting my project to swiftly. I started with buying arduino kit. then raspbrry2 kit , and dont know programming since basic in dos, so got discouraged before trying them. then I found Your Awsome Sight And Got Really Exited! and anxious i guess! but will take your advice and use the links you gave me and study hard next few days and before you know it ill be making credits helping others too! Will Let you know how im making out learning tomorrow and if i resolved it. and im sure i will. after all the help from you and Richard! You guys Are awsome and Cant Thank you enough. more exited than ever now! to learn all i can and help others later. Thanks again!


Love your enthusiasm:) I don't want that excitement to convert into frustration - which is why the question marks will be super helpful.

Still, don't be shy about asking questions on here. It's amazing how we learn while answering.


Mr Awsome Dj: And Mr. Awsome Richard :I dont Know How To Express My Gratitute To Both of You, For Your being such great people. good people are hardest to find these days. and helping a newbe . older than dirt, orolder than history! as my brother says ! lol! You dont even know. ! I know Im just an old Geezer just getting started in robotics but will give you the best I can for thanks . words escape me how as much i apreciate the help. but I think both of You! are great and between both of you. Problem is solved. as I took your advice DJ: and problem solved this soon! And Richard :I took Your advice too! It Works Awsome Now! I am not sure How to close this session. but i got an email that said I need To . when problem was resolved. 1st Time on any forum so dont Know The ropes yet. So anyway, there should be more people like you guys. And DJ get some rest. cause ya gonna need it shortly to haul yer money to the bank! as I know these things ya Know !lol not to hard to figure out! when ya got it. ya got it. and you sure got it ! just don`t forget us little guys ok? when your the king of robotics and richest man ever! in 10 yrs. or less. you may or not realize it now, but You Will be! In my eyes you already are King of Robotics! Only Man I know with a Real plan at the right time and place these days . and the best plan! at that.


You know how you can express your gratitude? Make something awesome and post it here dude.... You're not old... you know what they say.... "youth is wasted on the young"...... Have fun, that is what life is all about....:)

To close this thread choose DJ as the one who solved your issues and just post something like "issue resolved"....


Sorry Mr, Awsome DJ: i didnt get back to you sooner . dont worry only time I get frustrustrated is when people take advantage of my help without even a thanks and after i let them get away with it for awhile untill i finally say enough . and then im the bad guy cause free ride is over. other than that I dont worry to much about much! so Ill be fine here. pretty even tempered.Sorry about spelling or puncuation. and such. long time since school 4 me...! LOL! so anyway my project will be a full sized robot at least 5 foot tall or mabe 6 foot made from things I have kicking around the house. such as maybe plastic jugs 3 gals or more. cut, heated, formed to my liking. for like arm coverings, ect. I Have base built. but tracks have too much traction right now, and afraid I will burn out servos so am going with 2 drive wheels and caster for rear. I will put it on the cloud soon as I build it. I have The main parts now. except more servos and a bunch of your extensions for servos.As it will need them for full sized robot. about twice the size as anthonys xlr1. by the way is awsome as you know.


Mr. Awsome Richard : Sorry Guy! I guess they will just have to throw me out of the forum. Because I dont fit in this world anyway and never did. I cant honestly give DJ all The credit! Even though he resolved my post at the end. But You resolved the first half. And as old fashioned as I am, I cant Honestly give Him all The credit. If I cant Give You Both credit for resolving my issue than I Shouldnt be here anyway. no wonder I never been on forums before! You Both deserve Credit as far as Im concerned.The Way I look at it. If it wasnt 4 u helping on the first half, then I might have said ok rgb led unit in the trash u go. but you kept me excited so I followed Through.Sorry Richard: Its Just the way I am. Different!, but I do hope Some one will give You credit for helping me. besides me that is! I Know sometimes I say it like it is, and people sometimes dont like that! I know DJ is about my Favorite go to guy right now . but ya can`t teach me to roll over or fetch. for any forum! So all I can say is Thank u both a million! and seems like thats not enough thanks!


This Has Been resolved: By The Great Mr. DJ Sures . with a million thanks, and also for teaching me so much in such a short time . and for getting me even more excited about finishing my project ! I cant thank you enough! And also I wish to give a special thanks to Mr. Richard R. ! for all the help along the way! You also taught me alot in a very short time. and also for getting me more excited too! So a million thanks To you also! I cant Thank You Guys Enough! You Both Are So Awsome! I Just Love This EZ- Robot Revolution! So now I can`t wait to learn All i can So eventually I can Finnish my Project! as You Guys Really have me excited now! I Just Barely Got Started. But Going To put my project on hold for a short while. And Learn all I can first before getting back to it. So Thanks Again Guys!