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Rgb Array Picture

has anyone got a picture of an RGB array out of its casing . I want to see if it can be widened to fit my bots eyes.


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thank you that answers my question *eek*
its glu on the head whit super glu.
I wondered what it looked like inside the head because I wanted to take the rgb array out and use it separately on another project and see if it was worth buying the head to get a spear camera or buy the rgb on its own, plus other stuff. I took advantage of the v3 buy back offer.
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Everything on the other side is surface mount and it would be difficult to take one half of the unit without massive modification.

If the two arrays would be too big you could consider the BlinkM however it is only a single RGB LED.
BlinkMs look good but I still like to hack stuff, I've got a few of these RGB LEDs out of a broken led stage light from work (I'm a set builder for a local tv company) and I've managed to write a short code for, random and sound and that sort of thing but I don't know enough coding to write anything really cool like sequencing or flashing different colours and shades so if you know of any script could you post a link thanks
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I wouldn't know where to start with a script for those as I do not know how they work, what controls them, what commands are required etc.

Grab the datasheet for them and post it and I'll gladly point you in the right direction. Without a datasheet it's like shooting in the dark while blindfolded and being spun around at the same time:)
there basically just the colour LEDs this is what I got so far
goto (loop)
oh plus your
# Simple emergency stop script
it's so handy it should be a default
no worries I'll learn a lot while I fumble along
one possibility only if you have lots of space is to use two RGB arrays
then you could use one array for left and one for right
I am considering this option at present but I have plenty of space
@bborasteroyour script is good... it will change the color randomly. what you can do, is use the ServoSpeed() command to add a little bit of smooth transition between random colors. Such as this...


servospeed(d9, 1)
servospeed(d10, 1)
servospeed(d11, 1)

goto (loop)

I set the sleep() to a longer delay so you can wait for the transition to complete. The ServoSpeed() sets the ramping between two different PWM positions. Here is a video example...

This shows the PWM for the servo...

This shows how the ramping occurs...
thanks @DJ Sures always good to hear from you :)