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Rgb Animator

I have the "18 RGB LED PCB" from the DIY section of the store. It's easy to operate via the RGB Animator, but I would like to write a script to use on my mobile app. I've looked through the forum but can not find any code examples. Can anyone point me in the direction of a snipet of code showing how to activate the 18 RGB LED PCB.



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Hey @R1D1.

Can you just not make the actions you need in the animator, then use control control commands to start and stop the RGB array actions using buttons added to the mobile interface? It would be lot easier than scripting the RGB array (not even sure if that's possible anyway, and if it is, it would be a lot of work).

Once the actions are made using the animator, configure the mobile interface, add an "Image" button for example, open the script editor for the button then click "Cheat Sheet" or right click on the script editor text input field, and choose the RGB animator action control commands you want to use to add to the button.


Thanks I will try that. I'm a newbie so I"m doing a few things the hard way, lol

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Lol, no worries. Nothing wrong with doing things "the hard way" but sometimes, easy is best. If you get stuck, give us a shout. Good luck.