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this question is for DJ Sures. can you show us how to use IMU sensor with the ez robot? I would like to know how if its possible. I am gathering ideas and I dont want to make something thats to confusing. thank you for your time.


Hi Everyone,

I'm a computer engineer specializing in brain computer interfaces (EEG biofeedback). I'm wanting to incorporate the MPU-6050 6DOF gyro accelerometer combo with the EZ-B with the EZ script software. It connects through an I2C port. The 6050 is $15 and appears simple easy to use.

Just created my first bot with face / motion tracking with the tank chassey, 4 axis camera mount and the EZ-Script software. I also bought the jumper wire pack and put the whole thing together without soldering on the first try. I've always been fascinated with robotics but didn't want to take the time to learn electronics on top of my computer science work. Thank you DJ for bridging that gap for me.


Bill Scott


One make sure you get a breakout board for the 6050 not just the chip unless your actually designing a circuit around this mpu. They just released liciense for use of the internal DMP which is very exciting for alot of people who are using this for stability. has alot on this chip along with arduino examples. This chip uses 2 bytes for data on each axis so you will have to cascade results fom the I2C.


I'll look into the 6050 gyro accelerometer combo - it sounds like a great product:)

Thank you for the kind words:D


I saw this robot you guys are viewing awhile back. I am impressed but unsure of how this robot can benefit human needs. Sure it can move great on smooth surface and balance like the honda's U3-X,, but their bot already has better mobility. If you guys are really looking for the future and whats to become of your personal robots, I recommend looking into THE VENUS PROJECT,, Everyone takes a little different influence form Jacque Fresco, his plan is one possible future where robots tend to our needs so that we may tend to our human minds and deepen our understanding of the world/universe and see how we can manage and function with the constant change.

I am also a bit fan of the SOLOWHEEL,, I own one and it is very fun to ride on. I would like to know how to make one of these but bigger.

Thank you and please forgive if I offend in anyway


Hi Everybody,

I received my MPU 6050 a few days ago and am working on a balancing tank.:) I'm powering it from the EZ B 3.3v power line. Thanks for that DJ.

I've read through the I2c tutorial and now have the suggested 4.7K pull up resisters on the SCL and SDA lines. I also read through this which seems the most comprehensive data on this chip.

I don't know c so am trying to use EZ Script but I'm not clear on how to read from this device address which is either 0x68 or 0x69.

I2CStart() I2CRestart()

I2CPoll() I2CWrite( 0x68, 0, 1)

I2CRead( auto,11)


The output of my script is: Start I2C Poll Response: False I2C Response: 255 255 255 255 255 255 255 255 255 255 255 Done

Any suggestions on what I might try next?

Thanks a lot, Bill


Hey DJ,

Could you post a sample EZ Script on you could read from data from your I2C address from your MMA7455 Accelerometer that you use in your video:

I'm sure I could translate it to read from the IMU 6050.

Thanks much, Bill