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Revolution Six Challenges


Now that I have a EZ-bot up and running, (my 3d Printed Six) I was wondering what kind of challenges could I put her through... in the past with Bi-peds and DogBots, i've done soccer, fetch, sit, rollover, etc. the stuff we've all seen.. but what I've never seen is what Hexapods do.. besides walk front/back, side to side, and carry loads.. so I'm asking the gang here to help me with some challenges I could put the six though.. easy and super hard through what ever you got at me.. lets see if Six can do it.. BTW I may add Sonor.. ;)


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Have you seen the ultrasonic distance sensor app for Six? It's in the ezcloud - uses an additional servo but it's real cool!


yep, I have it and Printed the cover, will be adding it next.. was going to have the six navigate a maze of obstacles, small and large, where if it runs into something too large it will go around but crawl over smaller objects..