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Revolution Hardware List

Hi guys,

Firstly thank you so much for uploading the new STL files for printing ! I have already printed some servo brackets, JD's head and have just started printing his body and feet ! They are all coming out incredibly well so I will post pics ASAP:) there does seem to be a strange line that comes out in the front section of the head (about 13mm forward of the front to rear seam) - it's microscopically thin gap so was filled with support by the slicer and isn't an issue - but it's almost like two parts were electronically merged but not quite close enough lol ..... Probably my slicer doing something weird or maybe something that was for injection moulding but thought I would mention it just in case.

As I'm soon going to be assembling JD (ready for his brain to arrive lol), was there a list somewhere of the hardware (screws etc) that are recommended ?

Best wishes,



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I wasn't able to recreate your issue do you have a photo you can share?

We will release a hardware list for you guys in a little bit.

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Hey Corey !

I cleaned the print up to remove the seam, but the slicer inserted a tiny thin support section into the seam all around as it thought the front was actually two sections separated by a fractionally small gap .... All I did was leave the support in the seam to keep the sections as one and trimmed it flush ..... It was literally less than a hair thickness so not an issue - it was probably the slicer not the file. The printer is incredibly precise so can sometimes pick up artefacts that Makerbot or more common printers will smooth over but more than likely it's just some sort of glitch between the file and the slicer and nothing to worry about:) I will see if I can get a pic uploaded tomorrow of the slicer preview and the part close up.