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Returning To The Fold

Greetings to all. Allow me to introduce ( and/or re-introduce) myself to everyone. My name is Lloyd Cooper. I was a EZ-B user way back when DJ first started the EZ- Robot endeavor. ( Hello DJ. You have come a very long way in developing the EZ-B. You have my sincere congratulations sir!)
I have taken quite a long sabbtical from robotics, but have returned to the fold!.
I have been involved with a Paranormal Research team; which I founded; called Ghost Quest, which has required my full attention for the past few years. I have developed some new electronic devices for the Paranormal investigation community, that have been rather successful. I recently decided that a robotic platform would be an interesting addition to our teams equipment roster.
I recently received my Iotiny and am in the process of catching up with all the new features. I look forward to perhaps renewing old friendships and making new friends in the EZ-B community.
BTW, Can anyone tell me if Anthony is still 3D printing parts for the "Lexi" body panels?
All my best to everyone,


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Welcome back!

Anthony had an awesome robot going with Lexi but to my knowledge he is not printing or selling anything currently. It's a sore spot for a few of us, my self included because he attempted to make and sell Johnny Five robots and some of us here and around the world pre-ordered and, well, that fell through and we have no robot and no money. If he were to setup shop again I would never trust him again. I would rather build a robot out of paper mache colored with sharpies then try to work with him in the future (but that's just me).

If you are looking to design something new for your robot myself or someone else in the community might be able to help.
Thank you for the heads up Justin! I've been away from EZ-Robot for several years. Thanks for the welcome.
Thank you DJ. You have certainly come a long way with your endeavor. I always had the utmost confidence in you. Glad to be back on board.
Hi There Robot12248,

Can you tell us something about Ghost Quest? What robotics equipment do you use?