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Resize Script Help

Hey DJ,

I was wondering if you could make the script help resizable, this is how mine looks now on Omni's brain Netbook:

User-inserted image


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You know that you can move the frame over until you can read the entire script by just placing your mouse over the fram in the middle the right of the script?



I can't, maybe its because im using XP


hehe okay i'll see what i can do for u :D


Hmm.. now i also can't use my joystick, the Save button is under script help, i also can't see all of the buttons because i can't scroll down..



There is a way to PRINT the pages of the Script Help. That way, you don't have to worry about trying to see them on the screen. I get a 3 Ring binder and punch 3 holes in them after I print and put them in a one inch notebook.

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That is not my problem i actually DON'T want the scripting help, it's in front of the save button and the textbox but i can't resize it :D



Sounds like there is a "D.J." type problem.



Just looked at the 6-5-2012 release, awesome DJ! will upgrade now..


Thanks, it works!

Could you also do it for the other windows with script help like the joystick window? :D

Again, awesome work DJ, thanks!


I see you're back, probably missed these posts, could you please make the script help window also resizable for the other controls like joystick?