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Required Servos For Alan Kit


(So sorry if this info is on another thread - I did search.)

Just went to your website to inquire about purchase of one and multiple Alans for my project prototyping and for presentation to investors in a couple of months.

I suspect I can reuse my JD head EZ-B, two servos, and camera to partially fill in Alan's needs. However I'd like to know total number of servos required, and also whether you have been using off-the-shelf servos as provided in EZ-Robot kits and online sales.



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Ron, sorry just getting this (1am ) . I'll txt you in the morning with the email question and about servos !
Will, looking forward to your email.

Ron I've sent you an email and I'd like to take this discussion over to the main ALAN discussion. You bring up good questions and I'd like to have them all in one place.
Try looking in your spam mail, it had the correct address. I will sent thru my personal mail as well.