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Resolved Resolved by DJ Sures!

Require Assistance Keyboard Script

Can someone please help me. It use to work before the latest updates, but ever since the updated it stop working. It is giving me an error stating invalid token, for whatever the command i input into it or whatever key I press. Do I have my syntax wrong? My project is below. Thank you in advance for the assistance.


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You will need to put quotes around commands now. For example



should be


Awesome it work thank you;)
May I ask What programming language syntax does EZ-Script mimic? My guest is Java or C++
@PJ_Dtechhy, there is generally an expected compliance of what a programming language should offer. Some challenge the trend with a cost of performance - Ruby, etc... EZ-Script demonstrates classic programming techniques - similar to C and Basic.

Basic Influences
- I've chosen to not use curly braces { } in exchange for IF/ELSE/ENDIF.
- Typeless variables

Low Level Programming Techniques (Assembler, PLC, etc)
- I have introduced a Label/Goto/Return stack

C Stuff
- Variable manipulation (i.e. $x++)
- and a lot more

Custom Stuff
- there are dozens of functions to work within the environment ControlCommand, etc
- i2c, binary/bit and communication specific commands
- Common Robot/Servo helper commands
- public EZ-Cloud variables

There's a lot more to it - for an experienced programmer to recognize - however i'm strapped for time:)
Awesome, Thank you for the quick response.