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Hi dj and all the ezrobot crew, would it be possible to see a video of jd walking if possible?
I'm interested in him and would like to see more videos, I know you guys are busy so anything at all would be greatly appreciated. Also, I use roborealm, do you think your hardware and there software will one day coincide?
Tnx again guys. :)


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Someone off the team said that more video's would be coming. Just a heads up.
Thank you Technopro, much appreciated.
This week for sure:) we only have two ezb v4 prototypes to work with. But as of this week we are super happy with the testing results which means they are ready for manufacturing:) that doesn't take long at all.

As for the new ezb v4, I can't wait to show you all. It's ridiculously fast and the audio feature is great! Probably my favorite part is the audio. It streams right from ARC wirelessly to the ezb. Also the camera now connects to the ezb - which means no more USB dongles.
Thanks alot for the update dj, looking forward to the future with ezrobot.