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Replacing Bluetooth With Usb Or Serial

Ok guys here is another beginer question.

Can i replace the bluetooth board with a usb or serial hard wire connection to a laptop?

If so what is the best way to do this and what do I need to order?

I have done some researching but I wanted to get some good advice before I buy.

If EZB has something I would gladly purchase from my Canadian Friends EH:)

Thanks Michael


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Yes, you can replace with a USB TTL adapter. Can't provide a part number right now, but if no one else answers by tomorrow I'll be able to look it up (I have one that came with my ElecHouse WiFi adapter. Works far better than the Wifi adapter does, and I plan to use it in one of my robots that will have an on-board computer).


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USB2.0 to TTL Modular Serial Device Converter (sorry no part number). Just search for that if you want to get it from somewhere other than ebay.

Or go Wireless and use the TIG10UA03 (which comes with a USB to TTL) Here is one of a few discussions about it.


@thetechguru , are you using a USB to TTL adapter? If so I would like to hear more about it.

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Josh, what do you want to know? I have one which I did use. Basically you get a com port added for it when it's plugged in to the PC, you use this com port as you would use the bluetooth com port. It's connected up the same way as any other TTL adaptor - Vcc to Vcc, Ground to Ground, RX to TX, TX to RX. As always check voltages and required currents.


Exactly as Rich said. In fact, i was going to comment on your post about using Ethernet that this might be a simpler solution. Just need 4 of these and a usb hub and they pretty much work out of the box.



@rich basically a comparison of setup for USB instead of the Ethernet option. For longer distances I know Ethernet is the way to go but if USB is very fast and easier to setup then the Ethernet version I may use those in Jarvis so I won't need a 4 port switch onboard. Just plug the USB directly to USB hub.

So the com port assigns automatically when we plug in the USB TTL adapter. Can I use a hub on the USB 3.0 port?

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USB is the way to go.

Yes, the com port should be automatically added when you first insert the USB TTL in the PC.


Just FYI... I have done firmware updates through the USB TTL, something I would be concerned about doing on an Ethernet or WiFi with a virtual com port due to potential for stability issues.



Got my adapter ordered guys.

Thanks for all the help


Hello! This discussion is for the ezb v3, which was Bluetooth. The v4 is wifi and cannot connect USB.

Ps, please do not double post. The other post has been removed.


Hello Dj and thanks for the reply,

i am sorry for the double post!

i want to use for my project a V3 controller and i want to connect the V3 controller with my pc with a usb serial converter (port connection). May i with a USB Serial Converter?


You sure can:) the instructions are defined in this thread, start at the first page.

Simply remove the Bluetooth adapter from the v3 and attach the USB serial converter rx/tx/gnd to the appropriate connector.



Ok , thanks again DJ , When i complete my second project i will upload Videos and photos for more info !


Awesome! Looking forward to it:D