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Removing Posts

Just wondering why my post with the inquiry about the wiring of the Sparkfun motor controller (along with a sketch) was removed? I don't want to burn my controller up if I wire it wrong! I don't know why you would remove a legit question! Please clarify.


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its because he is wanting us to put things in the correct category and not all in "general discussions", you should put it in the hardware questions. it would be nice if we could delete our own posts, if we notice we made a mistake or put something in the wrong category.


OK, MYBAD!!!!! I'm sorry I misplaced my post. I apparently wasn't paying close enough attention to the catagories! I apologize and I'll try it again. It should have been posted under the "Hardware" catagory. As" thegoodrobot" was kind enough to point out.


well i put the same post in different categories because i forgot i posted it already, or i thought i was posting in real old postings and didnt think anyone seen it. or i posted in one category and realized i should have put it in another, and since i couldnt delete the post, i just put it in the correct one (which made multiple posts), i didnt notice the hardware and ARC categories at first either, and i posted questions (the same ones) on facebook. thanks to me, he made the forum etiquette post in big bold letters


It wasn't just you goodrobot. I was doing the same thing. I think DJ got it through to us however.



Every question and every post helps. The number of people that post on here is a very small percentage of the EZ-Robot users. The rest visit this site and watch the conversations. They learn from everything that happens and therefore don't have to ask questions of their own.

This focum is becoming a giant knowledge section of the website.

Best part is, you have all begun answering each others questions. It's real cool to see! It's amazing how many of you went from "ideas" all the way to "function". It hasn't been a long time either. I've only been back from my trip for 4.5 weeks. In that time, you're all entirely different! High fives for everyone :D