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Remote Roomba Control

Hey guys, I am new here. I want to make a Roomba that I can control from school. Basically I want a Roomba with a webcam feed that is also remote controllable.

I have seen the RooWifi RooWifi but I don't know when I would get that since the expected shipping date is August and the first batch sold out really quickly.

I also considered using a Raspberry Pi, I have a Raspberry Pi surveillance camera setup right now but the latency isn't great, not something I would use for controlling a Roomba in real time.

I came here because of the community and because of the fact that there is dedicated software for interacting with the EZB Wifi controller. I have a couple questions for you guys.

Is the EZ camera going to be quick enough for my application? I've seen it boasts no latency 20 FPS? Has this been true from your experience?

Lastly is the webcam viewable from inside the ARC software?


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Yes, there is no latency in my experience. If you check my unboxing videos of the V4 you can see my genuine surprise at how good the camera is.

Yes it is viewable from inside the ARC software. If controlling/vieweing over the internet you need to set up port forwarding though.


You don't need any extra hardware to control the Roomba over the internet... Since the EZB 4 can control the Roomba and is wifi enabled, that's all you will need.... Add the EZB4 Camera and you're golden....


Thanks for both of your help!