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Relay For 5V-12V Devices?

Hey everyone.

I'm currently looking for a relay to use with some items in my robot Dewy. I believe these devices will be between 5v-12v and 2 amps max. I'm wondering if anyone has ever come across something like this or if you can help find one.

I've found this one but I'm not sure if it will work.

Any help is appreciated.


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United Kingdom
As the item specification states it can be used for up to 30v 10A on DC circuits. Why are you not sure if it will work?
Oh, I guess I was reading the wrong thing! Thanks for the reassurance.
I'm using some similar 5 volt relays with the EZV(4). Only difference is these are optically isolated between 5 vdc power to operate the relays and the relay contacts themselves.

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