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New Zealand
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Reducing Noise Levels

One thing that bugs me is the level of noise generated from servos, etc.... it reminds me how artificial our creations are....

Has anyone managed to do much work with reducing noise... pneumatics perhaps... ?

Other forms of mechanics?


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United Kingdom
Josh and others have mentioned Dynamat sound proofing matting helps a lot
i am using air solenoids on some,on others i make my own servo's that i found out noise is a lot less
and dynamat is great also
yes DAVE thats what i use to make my my own gear boxes and using a servo board
pneumatics Are nice and strong. They work great but were also noisy. They hiss and then you have the air compressor noise.
Not using a compressor,only a small tank,another item is using lego design type using a motor and syringe.
So almost no noise and only reason is that on my johnny five project i need it to match johnny five solenoids on the head design,if you look at my project its on page 3

my johmmy five project
its the ones in orange,ones i got is stainless steel and painting them orange to match them

Only need a small tank and can add a compressor like lego servo style to fill tank when get empty