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Recording A Video For A Period Of Time

Hi Everyone!

I am looking to build an iphone app interface to start recording a video for 5 seconds and then stop it after the 5 seconds have passed when I press on the Direction pad keys in the app. I don't see a delay script in the builder or anything to pass time before I toggle it to be off. Can someone point in the right direction?

I have attached an image to help give a visual, you will see the script on the right, I am simply looking for a wait function

Thanks so much!


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You forgot the attachment dude... Can't you just use the Sleep() command for the delay time you need?

Sleep(5000) # waits for 5 seconds...


So sorry! I didn't hit the upload button for it, I thought the sleep command would turn the camera off for 5 seconds and then resume (the opposite) but I was wrong. Thank you for responding so quickly to my newbie question, you helped me so much!

Thanks again!



@Ryan... No worries go have fun:) Just to be clear.. you start the video recording then after the sleep(5000) command you will need to stop the recording or it will continue to record...

#start video recording
Sleep(5000) # sleep for 5 seconds
#stop video recording


Do not create new thread for same subject. Use this one for your questions. Also, check the mobile interface manual. recording video on mobile isn't supported at this time.