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Asked — Edited

Recorder Error

Great feature, if I can get it to save.

What happens is when I record movements, then when I go to save the project, an error pops up that states:
There was an error generating the XML document.

However, if I simply delete the recorder, I can save my project.

Would be great to be able to save the recordings with my projects.

Thanks for any help.


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I'm too impatient for this bug is resolved in the future, also I have the same error xml file, (tested on latest version of ARC) recordings even one second of time (running on my laptop with 6 gigabytes ram)
Yup, this bug with recorder and saving project error, is stopping me as well, from completing the robot i am building.

Would appreciate much being able to save a library of recorded movements.
And saving to cloud won't work as well if there is a recording, and even one second of recording can not be saved!
well.. i'm getting the same error! no matter the size of the sequence...
any news about the fixing ?
and, BTW... is there a way to "multitrack record"?
that would be very cool to animate the robots...