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Recommended Strong High Torque/Speed(Wheel Chair)Motors?

I'm formulating a future build that would serve the purpose of assisting the elderly and/or disabled. And maybe, if I do well, possibly(big if) maybe put it into Google science fair or something similar? Mainly trying to find some motors capable of 150 pounds or more for carrying items. I would make the framing and so on by my self., so I can do custom mounting. Anyone using a wheel chair grade quality(possibly budget) motor/s could yougive me some info?

Thanks a lot, Tech


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Wheelchair motors are regularly available on eBay for around $100 or so. You could get lucky by posting a wanted request on your local freecycle list looking for a scooter chair or electric wheelchair.



Cheapest I've seen locally is $200 for a chair without batteries. Might be my only chance.

What about windshield wiper motors? Anyone?


You can get new Windshield Wiper motors for $15 each, but they won't push 150 lbs, or at least not at a reasonable speed.



You think I should go with a wheelchair base Alan? Your the only one who replied so I want your opinion.


If you are looking to move people, then yes, wheelchair motors or base are your best bet. Easily carry 300lbs. If you are looking for something to assist people and can reduce your weight requirements, then wiper motors may work.

Here is a link for new ones for $19 each and they list the full specs so you can calculate how much weight they can handle moving.




Here is a pair of motors on eBay with a $75 buy it now (need wheels though)


Lots and lots of motors on eBay this week.

More motors



@ techno pro , honestly if you can't get a wheelchair base for 150 to 200 you are better off getting a 299.99 package for brand new wheelchair motors with wheels and tires. I see people buy wheelchairs then things are broken. Anthony went through three wheelchairs before he got a good set of motors. Just mount and add a saber tooth 25 amp controller and your sitting pretty. and robot store has them too.


Thanks for the info josh. I have to get some income and then ill see. 3 wheelchairs in my area for $200.