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Ready For A Video Of Jd

I cancelled my order for JD. Now to be fair I mainly did because we are relocating to Los Angeles and that is more the focus right now than hobbies.
Also I cancelled my order because other than the revolution video I haven't seen JD doing anything. I understand everyone at EZ is busy but unfortunately I really didn't know what I was getting. And when it comes to making purchases I am the research king. I was putting faith that JD was what I expected it to be.
The point of this post isn't to complain but just to simply provide some feedback to EZ as to why I cancelled my order.
Once we get moved I am fully prepare to place an order for another robot but at this point I am in a wait and see mode when it comes to JD especially. So EZ, getting some videos up of JD doing stuff would be great. I think he has great possibility and I am sure other people are awaiting videos as well.
Thanks guys!


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I am sure D.J. is working overwhemingly hard. He is one of the most industrialist man I have ever seen. He even works on the airplanes while traveling abroad. It will be an Amazing product way better than our already Wonderful product. It just takes a little patience. I have no doubt in my mind that he will come through for us.


Relocating and not having time is a reasonable reason to cancel (and really, I am in no position to judge your reasoning. It is your money to spend how you want), but there are tons of videos showing the capabilities of the EZ-B that pre-date JD specifically. JD will be able to do all of those things, and since he will have the V4 EX-B inside, he'll be able to do them all easier (WiFi instead of Bluetooth, built in speaker/MP3 playing ability, better camera, etc...).

Needing to see a video of the specific model seems just kind of silly to me. You can easily extrapolate the capabilities from the hundreds of videos and forum posts of what we have all made our robots do. He has legs, arms, and a head. Every movement can be controlled through ARC controls, and if you want even more control, there is scripting. Really don't know what more you would gain from seeing a JD specific video.

Just be aware that the price on your order was a pre-order discount and if you change your mind later, it is likely to cost you more. There was already one price increase from the first pre-orders to later ones. Once there is regular availability, the price will likely go up again (although I imagine it won't be huge, but given JD is already pretty expensive, even a 10% bump is significant).



Ok maybe I should have been specific. I want to see JD walking. Quite honestly that at least for me is the point of a humanoid robot. I looked at other models and how some of them walk has been the biggest reason why I didn't purchase them. I am aware of the capabilities of the ezb. The fact that these are some of the only robots in the hobby world that has any level of personality is the reason sticking with ezb in the future is my plan. I have my eye on another humanoid I plan to attach the ezb to but I am holding out to see JD in action. Personally I don't think that is too much to ask before making a decision. They will get to it when they can.


I could have sworn there is a video of JD walking already, but I can only find one of him kicking a ball, and everything else seems to be of upper body motion. Hopefully DJ and team will get some more up soon.



No none yet. They discussed it about three weeks ago that they were going to get one up but haven't as of today. I also hope soon. Once I see that and we get moved I am making my decision.


@Ings175 i agree.

we need more examples of what is actually possible. from the co.

i love that the community post their projects (me included) but t would be nice to see more detailed robots from the co. it self. or at least what the current ones can actually do.

it would be so much cooler to see what the ez b robot staff can come up with to show case they produtcs abilities. instead of the (very good) community examples.

pick an iconic robot and make it awesome. hasbro r2 or a much bigger better detailed wall-e

i know i know, they're busy. and people will argue theres tons of examples on the forum. but not really good ones that EZ can make

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JD walks like any other biped which is controlled by the EZ-B, one foot in front of the other. It's pretty much the same design as any other small biped.

Niek played with him when he was at EZ-Robot and said he managed to get him to walk but it took him a while. He also said DJ managed it too in about half an hour (I think).

The most important thing though is, if you don't like the way he walks when a video does appear, you can program it a different way. The options available are pretty much unlimited.


Yay! I got mentioned again :D

You're right Rich, both DJ and I got him walking though DJ did it within the hour. Like Six has now, JD will most likely have an Example Project in ARC that includes code to get him walking ;)


Ha, yes yes I know sorry:) We had to send the robots out to two more magazines for photos... We can't seem to keep them at the office long enough for videos.


It is nothing against you guys DJ at all! I think what your doing is great and I am sure your swamped without a doubt. And I already have been contemplating re placing my order as well. I probably jumped the gun a bit by canceling it.
I already know at the bare minimum I am getting the ezb controller on order. Just waiting for the video to determine whether to use your chassis or a different one. This is my first real robot and I don't want to make a mistake with what body it is attached to. Don't raise the prices yet! Ha ha


I don't mind:) Thanks for the message. Your JD will go to a good home! We can't seem to keep up with manufacturing so there will be a back-order for a few months anyway... Someone will appreciate your JD :D

Take your time to ensure that you're making the right decision - hehe, I know you'll secretly choose us anyway :D

Popular Science asked for EZ-Robots for a photoshoot. So did Complex Magazine... And now we have a few more asking for photos - we can't keep up with those requests either - otherwise I would have plenty of JD videos.

The reason we don't see much of JD in the videos is because Six is my favorite... I really should spend some time when we get a JD back in the office with him


Seeing as he has only two extra servos compared to the Robophilo Jr, (for the neck movement) I would say he walks in a similar fashion, but then again I may be wrong. Here's a video of the RP Jr. if you want. :D


@Cupcakehat yeah like that but much smoother:) We will be getting the prototype robots back from the magazine photoshoots soon


nomad18.08 by default it does not - however, you can add one as an EZ-Bit. We have a gyro/accelerometer combo EZ-bit which will be in our store soon. We also have a compass and a few other EZ-Bit modules.

They are little components which plug into the EZ-B v4 for additional features


great this ez program getting better and better .is any wireless remote pl2 good for jd-or do you use a specific one.