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United Kingdom
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Reading From Dht11 Sensor

I picked up a DHT11 (temperature/humidity sensor) from ebay a few weeks ago, just I have no idea how to read the data from it.

Info on the sensor is available here

Any help on reading this would be appreciated, even just a pointer in the right direction.


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Neat:) There is no information on their website that explains how to use it. You may wish to contact them and ask for them to provide you with a proper datasheet for their product.
United Kingdom
There is a datasheet but it's in Chinese... Datasheet
There are instructions for the arduino but, well that's just no use to me:) Arduino guide

The DHT22 I believe is the same (from what I read), which the datasheet is in English, although I understood it as much as the Chinese one. Datasheet

And lastly, some code on github for Arduino is at https://github.com/adafruit/DHT-sensor-library if it's of any use.

If there are instructions/tutorials on how to get and parse data from the signal of a digital port I'm all for reading them but I couldn't see anything other than the page about arduino sensors being compatible with the EZ-B.

If it's no use it's no big loss, it was just a cheap sensor I thought may be useful for learning how to do what I've asked above.