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Rc Truck (The Madcon Project)

I just discovered EZ robot today, and it seems really nice
I was about to start working on a project to add a camera to an rc truck (Bonzer cross tiger), i'm wondering should i buy and add the ez robot wireless camera or this one ( http://www.hobbyking.com/hobbyking/store/__13437__2_4GHZ_1000mW_Tx_Rx_1_3_inch_CCD_Camera_PAL.html )

these are the other things i'd want to add but i wanna first start with the camera :
-speaker that sound comes out of the truck while you talk into some sort of a microphone,
and you can hear sound from the truck's area
-ultrasonic sensor to make the truck stop when it gets 10 cm close to an object
(unless overidden)
-a way to know when the battery is full
-A LOT of LED's
-a longer lasting battery


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If you buy the EZ-robot kit, it will be have the camera included with the ultrasonic sensors.
Even if you buy separate, It will be 1/2 the price of your suggests camera.

At th end you will be limited with the BT distance between your computer and the RC car unless you upgrade to other extended commiunication link , also you have to limit your camera resolution to maintain the bandwidth and optimize computer graphic processing / functionality ( color,face detection,...) that you may use in ARC.

My quick quick suggestion is to go with the kit to play with your RC and have the option to discover other robotics tricks at the same time. The kit is well used by the community and has great support whenever needed.
but the kit camera is 2.4ghz, and the car is also 2.4ghz
so wont they both go out of range at the same time?
and yeah maybe the other one is wayy overpriced, but it can connect to a TV, and wouldnt that be better than having to keep my computer close to the car? also i would not need to change resolution?
United Arab Emr
Based on the your previous post both cameras are 2.4 ghz .
From what I read about your Bonzer cross tiger , Interchangeable frequency crystal chips is an option. However, I never tried that and better consult the RC forums on how did they overcome such scenario.
On the other hand , using your EZB will be controlled by the BT link from the computer and not from your remote control.
This open the question on how are your going to hack your Tiger!.
Others may pop up soon and give you more details based on their practical experience on EZB/RC cars.
ok so before that happens, hopefully soon,
which do you advice me to buy?
EZ cam (the whole kit) or the other one from hobbyking?
United Arab Emr
As I said, going for the complete kit is my suggestion as It will open up new areas to explore into robotics.
Better look into the showcases and see how things are moving since you will have other challenges into hacking RC, controlling your motors ,sensors mounting and surely scripting.
The good things about this product , it is well designed for hobbiest and supported by highly Committed team and cooperative community .
Good luck
What exactly are you trying to accomplish? What will be the main objective of the truck?
ill get the ez one
but are you saying the hobbyking one is bad?
PJ, i just want to have a camera on my truck, that i can view while it drives.
also speakers in the car so when i talk from a distance the sound comes from the car, and i can hear whatever sound is in the car's area.
a lot of LED's to make the car SHINE BRIGHT LIKE A DIAMOND.
solar power on the car to add to the battery, make it longer lasting.
a longer lasting battery (currently a 7.2v, 1800 maH) that lasts for 10 minutes. the truck is brand new btw.
a way to know when to battery is full.
and an ultrasonic to stop the car 10cm from any object, unless somehow overridden while in motion :/ .
and a programmble board ( something like arduino) so i can program the robot, like if i make a program named circle, for the robot to just go round and round, it can be activited when i say/click/tell it to "circle" .
The EZ-B is way simpler but only has 100m and its frame rate is quite slow. The CCD camera will have 1000m distance and a much better frame rate meaning the video will be a normal speed, but does not plug into USB and will require either a converter/adapter to USB or an LCD screen. It all depends on what you want. I am currently using a transmitter and reciever that has 1000m capability and can also send audio, perfect for your truck. Choose one of the 2 cameras and get this or similar to send your audio to speakers:

For rc applications the ez-b camera may dissapoint. All 2.4ghz hobby grade rc rx/tx I know of use frequency hopping so a 2.4ghz camera should be fine from what I understand.
Was you able to modified the R/C truck with EZ-B?