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Resolved Resolved by ptp!

Raspberry Pi 3 Ezb Sdk Help

Hi All,

As I follow the RPi SDK instructions below, when it get the command:
sudo gacutil -i EZ_B.dll
The Pi counsel reads: Failure adding assembly EZ_B.dll to the cache: The system cannot find the file specified.

I didn't see where in the instructions where I could get the dll. I've searched the site for a place to DL it but couldn't find it. Do I need to DL the dll from somewhere? Or is there a dir in the pi where's the previous steps placed it?

The Pi EZB integration looks like a very powerful tool. Thanks much for your efforts to this end. I'm trying to simplify reading data from USB ports from other devices.




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Download the EZ-SDK Mono from:

Download button Top Center


Step 6: Download, extract and the EZ-Mono archive to your project folder.
Thanks Mate!

I was looking for a file named EZ_B.dll. It was too close for me to see.