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Rare Yellow Bucket Robot Sighting

Day after day, robots are seen lined up against the wall, never moving. In a rare photo catch, the elusive yellow bucket robot suddenly appears and is full of action! :D

User-inserted image

Commanding central floor space
User-inserted image

Monitoring the service entrance


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Saturday is when the janitors clean the facility:D they're not robots, at least not yet!
Just get a Roomba Scooba robot floor cleaner and get rid of the janitor. Lol
Look in the corner of the pic. There's a scooba there. We use it when the floor is dirty from outside snow during the week.

The facility is 6,000 square feet. The scooba is not useful for that.

The janitors also clean the windows of the boardroom and enterance, dust desks, empty trash, clean bathrooms and kitchen, etc.

We need those human robots:)
DJ wrote: The janitors also clean the windows of the boardroom and entrance, dust desks, empty trash, clean bathrooms and kitchen, etc.

@DJ: We know you are the absolute master of robotics and every day you make robot miracles happen. I'm sure your next robot will clean windows and bathrooms, do dusting and take out the trash.

In the meantime, I might need to send you a JD Junior to help with cleaning table tops and dusting.

User-inserted image

User-inserted image
Give him a little robo-mop and i'll put him to work:D
Robo mop? He has no arms.
But did you see the size of his feet?
He only needs some cleaning pads on the bottom
and then shuffle across the table to buff it clean.
I can see a vision now... a JD Junior on every desktop... :D
JD Junior is pretty wild. Do you have a video of how he walks like that?
JD Junior is soooo cute! People say he's the "cat's pajamas.":) I'm also told he looks alive and has feelings. I have ideas for developing him and want to do a write-up with software and video after getting up to speed in ezrobot studies.