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Range Extender

Hi DJ,
I understand from communication with your sales department that the range is 10 -20 meters depending on the antennae in laptop bluetooth. In on of your forums you mention 50 meters.
For my project will need about 30 meters of range. Will I be able to get this with a good bluetooth dongle (class 1)? http://www.gridconnect.com/bluetooth-usb.html?utm_source=google&utm_medium=cpc&utm_campaign=North+America&utm_term=bluetooth+usb+dongle+b&gclid=CL6dmuuDgK0CFQSFhwodwGurRg
Or do I need to have you quote me on the xbee / ez-robot setup?



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I'm not speaking for DJ but from my own experience X-Bee's are the best way to go..you can get X-Bee's in 1MW, 2 MW, 50MW and even a unit that can transmit 40 miles...check them out at Sparkfun Electronics.

I have no trouble in my house with the 2 m-watt version through walls with all kinds of other wireless stuff running and glitch free, I'm actually planning on upgrading to the 50 MW version 2 which would serve any roboteers needs in the hobby level.

The 50 mil watt could operate a block away glitch free.

For me I would love to know if the class 1 would extend the bluetooth any?????????????
Are you referring to the series 1 X-Bee? if so they come in 1 Miliwatt and 60 Miliwatt versions.

Class 2 Bluetooth devices have a communication range of 10 meters (30 feet), and Class 1 adapters provide a communication range of 100 meters (300 feet).

No, I am talking about the bluetooth. The easiest and cheapest would be to buy the class one bluetooth if it actually extends the distance. Anyone know if it actually works???
I am with Bookmaker. The x-bee looks great and would certainly offer greater range solutions but for my application if I could plug in a class 1 bluetooth dongle (link in first post) and get the 100 foot range I would be set for $30.00.
There is a different way how you could extend your BT reception.
It's instructed in this thread, link, it starts at post 13.
You can buy a higher output bluetooth however that only works one way. You must also purchase a better bluetooth for your computer as well. Or do it easier get a mini pc with wifi like me and connect to it with anither pc , remote desktop from tablet or a thin client. Its easier to get wifi extended and good range than bluetooth , cheaper too. This does strongly depend on if you have enough room for the 6.5 x 6.5 in motherboard and a 3.5 in hdd to have onboard control.
Can I ask which mini pc you are using?
@ jstarne1
Did the exact same thing :P. But I removed the BT and control it via USB.

@ TopView
I'm using an Asus eee pc 900hd, its an antique :P, but it works and is small.