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Random Scriptstart Using Ez-Script

The Program Generator does not always functions when the pause is lifted,? After many variations using the interval seconds high low there doesnt seem to be a consistent "start" of CC(script1,ScriptStart). I would really like to try an EZ Script program to GetRandomUnique and then use the random number generated to Start or exec my preferred script. I think an assigned varible equal to my prefered script is declared then using some Exec or start function to get it ...going...hope that makes sense. Any suggestion to get me going in the right direction would be appreciated.


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Solved! Something about this Forum with all its examples and community support somehow finds a way to inspire me to find an answer for myself. This is the third time posting for help and within 10 minutes I find my own answer!....simply using a declared varible(s) with an IF and elseif followed by my CC..how simple and sweet is that........Thanks DJ and OTHERS. I now merely replace all my PGenerators with this script and viola!.....PG s are cool and work in the background and developed with good thought for its purpose.
I think I might have said this before ..theres more then one way to skin a robot....ahem
A CC is as DJ knows, ...ControlCommand( windowName, ControlCommandParameter, [values])..WOW , its nice to be the giver of answers ...for a change:)
I like to use () to show the word is a function(). Like CC()... Or ControlCommand()

Ya, acronyms and abridgements are the norm now. I guess I'm just showing my age. I feel a little stupid when I don't know what people are talking about though. LOL

Dave Schulpius