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Rad 1.0 Voltage Question

Does anyone have any thoughts on whether the stock RAD 1.0 hardware and electronics will run on 12v?
I want to test it all before I start modifying it.


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I run the stock drive motors on 12V and they do great. I don't use any of the other stock electronics so I don't know on that. But you can always use a step down converter for those and run them on 6V off your 12V battery. Just a thought.
Everything runs 6v as far as the controller in the head. Just ditch that. You have ezb
I have a new in box unit. I want to see it run first before I tear it apart. For my own amusement, but also to see if everything actually works. I of course plan to gut the poor thing later and then supercharge it with EZ-B, but I just want to test it for now. I was hoping to do this without having to do any disassembly or monkeying around. I guess I'll have to dig up my 6v gel cell and use that.
Long term, I'm going to use a 12v cell as I know several people have stated that the stock drivetrain runs well at 12v.
But for now I thought the poor thing deserved to at least boot up and move once before I Frankenbot it.;)
Yup and its easy to upgrade the motors to the higher torque rs385 , here is a comparison pic...
User-inserted image

If you upgrade motors you may not even need 12 volt:)
JOSH hows those motors working out are they the ones i sent you and hows the torque