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Rad 1.0 Head Idea

I'm trying to figure out what to do with my head. It needs to have the camera inside/on. Was thinking of putting it under the brim just above where the speaker is. (Make it look like a mouth)

United Kingdom
I plan to hide mine in the black part of the head just below where the speaker is in the head, take the silver cap off the lens and it'll blend in nicely.

You could mount it on the body or the base and use relative tracking to move the head.
I would like to have it in the head. I sort of want to make it blend in.
does anyone have any ideas? I really want to figure out what to do!...
United Kingdom
The black part by the speaker is pretty much the only option if you want it to blend in. Sit it far enough in to the head and you will not notice it's there.