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Hi DJ, heard you did some hacking on an R2D2 at Calgary--any info going online on hacking the R2D2 for EZ-Robot?? Saw your video--nice job. :)


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what type of R2-D2 you looking to hack, there are full detail full size R2-D2 and smaller ones


It is just the Hasbro R2D2 hard to find too much on hacking it especially using EZ Robot


i have the same one,both the interactive R2-D2 AND A SMALLER R2-D2 both have the room for EZB and the bigger one interactive has room for a small computer,both by HASBRO,both very easy to find on ebay low cost on the interactive R2-D2 on ebay now $29 AT walmart new $99.99 free shipping i bought one at walmart for the price before i saw EZB,then bought another one on ebay $33 used smaller one mostly goes for under $10,bought to and EZB fits inside with servos


I don't know what Ebay your on :) , any Interactive Isometric R2-D2 Droids on Ebay are all over $200 bucks save 1 at about $156


Hey sorry...just seen one on Ebay $20.00...o' it's only 233.50 to ship eek cheap ay?


I found a broken r2 for 60. I did hack it. I'm doing a build video shortly :)


Ive gotten a couple for about $80 each time. Usually for that price there is something missing or broken. Perfect for us to HACK! They arent cheap for sure!


I got two Hasbro's for about $80 each, both working but one is "moody" which the kids love. Waiting to hack one of them.


I got 5 of the 15" Hasbro voice command R2D2 , im gonna keep 2 of them for EZ-B mods, anyone want one for $40 + shipping? they are defective/broken one way or another, i didn't even bother testing them but excellent for EZ-Robot hack. I was gonna put them up on eBay but thought i'd offer them here first. After all we are the only people that will accept broken toys and turn them into cool robots :)


Thats very generous of you to do!


Love to see what others can come up with, you never know :)


hi Louis T,

I am really interested in getting an R2D2 for my next project! I live in the US as well. If you get a chance, can you email me the details of the 3 robots and where you're located so i could figure out the shipping costs?

Thank you :D


the larger interactive R2-D2 is great for having,bought one new $99,will leave that as is ,other 2 interactive ones i super cheap on ebay looking to hack one for EZB and the other for my LEAF PROJECT made the microcontroller board much smaller called the CUBE,SO WILL ALMOST AS REAL AS R2-D2 unit on starwars,and have 3 other smaller R2-D2 that EZB board will fit


I believe i have the largest interactive R2D2, 15" tall, but don't see any new one even close to that price. Anyway one R2D2 was spoken for...Thanks robot56...can't wait to see your project!

Still got two left, there is one with one front door missing can do $36 for him. i'll give everyone a chance til Friday then its FeesBay time :)


mine 3 measures 17 inches wow price whent up double when i got it for $99 free shipping from walmart other 2 are the same both from ebay ,one was $29 and other $33 has plenty of room for mini computer and more will post my build up very soon


Cool...can't wait to see it, im debating between Omni 2000 and R2D2 for my next project :)


This is the one i have:

I haven't really measured him, was just a guess, 17" it is :)

Wanna do paper, rock, scissor on the two? lol :)


I know this is an old thread but I had a question if anyone could maybe lead me in the right direction.

Is it possible to take a Hasbro Interactive R2D2 and :

A: Change the voice recognition phrases? ex. Change "Hey R2" to "Hey BB-8"

B: Change his sound fx responses?

I am a complete noob on this so any reference, links, videos, etc. appreciated!