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R/C Receiver

Can model airplane r/c receiver be Connected to ezb for long range manual control . Possibly use fpv gear for video/telemetry Also have 433mhz serial modems , for telemetry.


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No - the EZ-B uses WiFi, due to the requirement of a minimum 48 mbps (6 MB/sec) data rate for the advanced functions it provides. This datarate is not possible using an analog serial modem or r/c hobby transceiver.

New Zealand

Wow thanks for the fast reply dj. What are my options for longer range control/telemetry.


Tell us more about your project. There are always solutions.

One would be an on-board amall form factor computer and then either through your radio modem or a 4g cellular device remote access either ARC web page or TeamViewer depending on the bandwidth of the modem.

A 4g mifi device could remove the need of an on board computer if you have sufficient cellular coverage.

Other options available depending on your goals.



You could connect this to an ez-b:

The uart's are limited to 460kbps (57.5 KB/sec), which isn't enough for video or audio - but it would be enough for data commands to control i/o.


Hi Dj, What about an analog out to replace the stick pots on a R/C tramsmitter? Redundancy I know, but could it work?, or does it need more?

Just Curious?



Andy, that is referred to PWM. The EZ-B supports PWM. PWM does not assist the original poster's question regarding extending the range. The original poster is inquiring about extending the range of the EZ-B.

To understand PWM, refer to the introduction to servo motors tutorial lesson in the learn section here: