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Asked — Edited

Questions With Video The Robot Program 072 - Adventure Bot And 360 Hdd Servos

Hey Ez Robot, just bringing to your attention that the video titled "The Robot Program 072 - Adventure Bot and 360 HDD Servos" has voice sync and audio problems (seems there is no audio from their mics). I thought it was my browser and tried several different ones on different machines and iphone/ipad. Definitely has issues and prolly should be reprocessed and uploaded. Unwatchable at the moment.

edit: There is sync at 6:00 til the end and sound seems to come from Professor E mic. Feel free to delete this after you read.

Thanks Will, I’ve informed professor e and valentine. They’ll take care of it:)
The HDD 360 servos look great

When will they be available?

Thanks, I now see them listed under the DIY category

I just saw the original model under Sensors & Add-ones and thought you hadn’t updated yet

Will new AdventureBot orders include the 360 HDD?