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Questions About Connecting To Ezb 4

Good day to everyone. I am new to all this, so please excuse any dumb questions. LOL

I was trying to connect to my new EZB but was having problems, even watching the videos in the tutorial.

I am using a desktop computer connected via a cable to my Router. Can I connect this way or do I have to install a wifi adapter on my PC?

I saw in posts when doing a search some info was required to diagnose things. I was not sure if i should post here or support email. I have had fantastic replies this route so here goes.:) Thank you kindly. Ken

Answers to Questions: Connecting Debug Procedure To receive assistance, these questions must be answered.

  1. is the battery on the robot fully charged?

I am using a AC Adapter

  1. does the ezrobot make a startup sound when powered on? Sure does, beeps and talks to me.

  2. is there a light flashing on the ezb when powered on?

Yes Blue Flashing Light

  1. what color is the light on the ezb?


  1. are you connecting the phone/device to the wifi network of the ezb?

I can not find the EZB on my wifi list in my router. I did see it on my cell phones Wifi Listing and I can connect with my Cell. I have not installed Android software yet, as I wanted to get it working with my PC

  1. Press the connect button.

It can not find the unit in ARC. Probably because i do not have a wifi adapter on my PC.

a. If an error appears, some devices take up to 1 minute to detect the ezb - wait 5-10 seconds and press connect again.

Nothing still

b. *Note: do not change or modify the IP address field on connection screen. Use the default value.

Done - Did not change

  1. if a connection still does not occur, does the ezb wifi name display as the connected wifi network on the connection screen?

It shows on my Cells list, but nothing on the router listing.

  1. have you double checked the wire connections to the ezb using the very helpful learn section on our website? Ensuring the black wire if all plugs matches the black side of the ezb connections? Etc...

I only have power connected to the unit right now via the Jack in the Base.

a. learn section can be accessed here:

  1. reset the EZ-B and repeat this procedure a. Resetting tutorial link:

Done. But still only shows on Cell Wifi.

b. When resetting, does EZ-B speak introduction message as in the video? Sure does, and then tells me were to get software etc.

  1. If still unable to connect, notify EZ-Robot with the answers to these questions. Also provide what device is being used to connect to the EZ-Robot? (model/operating system) eg Samsung Note 3/Android, iPhone 6


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Steve.... you're getting slow.... Help this guy already, will ya'...:)

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If your going to use AP (PC to EZ-B) connection, you will need a wireless adapter as communication between your computer and your EZ-B is done via WiFi. Either install a wireless adapter or purchase a USB one.

There is another mode you can use, that is "Client" mode, which connects your computer to your EZ-B via your router. Here's how...

Here's how to connect to "Client Mode".

  1. Connect to the ezb with your phone/tablet/ or another PC.

  2. Open your phone/tablet/other PC's search engine program, and in the web browser at the top of the screen, type in...

  3. The ezb web server will come up.

  4. Locate the Client Wifi button on that web page and click on it.

  5. It will ask you to enter your SSID (network name) and router password.

  6. Press save and you done with using your phone/tablet/other PC. This will reboot the EZ-B and the LED will start flashing green. You should now be in client mode.

  7. Now go back to the computer you want to use and open ARC and use the scan tool in the connection control icon that looks like a mini cell phone tower to locate your ezb.

  8. If it finds your EZ-B's IP address you will hear a chime. Press "Stop" wait a couple of seconds for the address font to become bold, then press "Connect". You will hear the EZ-B chime again to confirm it's connected.

If you get stuck with anything, post back. BTW, you were correct to post your problem here instead of contacting EZ-Robot directly.:)

WiFi connection modes

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Sorry, I was drinking my coffee, lol.:D

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Answers to Questions: Connecting Debug Procedure To receive assistance, these questions must be answered.

  1. is the battery on the robot fully charged?

I am using a AC Adapter

I should mention, when you're up and running when you connect to your EZ-B, you need to take note of power needs. You say you are using an AC adapter but you need to take note of how many amps the adapter can deliver to your EZ-B.

When you are connecting peripherals such as sensors, motor controllers, and especially servos to your EZ-B then standard wall adapters will not be enough, and you are going to need an adapter that is rated for at least 20 amps output, otherwise you are going to run in to problems such as servos not moving, even if the voltage is correct. A 20 amp adapter, LiPo battery packs, or NiMH battery packs are the best things to use.


Thanks so much for the info! I really was not sure if I needed a wifi adapter for my desktop or not. I grabbed my USB wifi adapter off my shop PC and installed it on my main PC. I just got everything working and connected.:) Thanks so much for the help there.

I am running a AC Adapter, but its not a high amp one, I just wanted to get the unit connected so I could see how that was done. I do have some Lipo Batteries on the way, and was considering making a DC Adapter for the bench like I have done for other bench test power supplies. Good to know about the amps, as I had expected it would draw a good amount of juice working all the servos and such.

Thanks so much for the help guys! Ken

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Your more than welcome. Glad you got it sorted. It sounds like you got the power requirements under control as well. Fair play to you.

Happy building.:)


@Wldfire If you haven't done so already flip your ezb into client mode so you will no longer need the wifi adapter for your main pc....


Awesome, logged into the EZB and changed it to Client Mode. I am now connected to my home network and the EZB.

Thanks so much guys! Nice just knowing that its running now.

Now to figure out the software.:)



@Wldfire I think @nomad can help you with that....However, you may have to wait a week or so for that.... He's currently getting ready to go into the hospital to get neutered.... .... Ooops, I mean for some blood work...:D

Seriously learning the software is the fun part.... and actually @nomad rocks now at it....

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Couldn't have said it better myself.;)