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Question About Motor Controllers...

What is the difference between BV4113 Motor Controller and the Sparkfun TB6612FNG Motor Controller and an IC2 Stepper Motor Controller?

Which one would be better to use? Advantages and Disadvantages please....

Im pretty much a newbie with these motor controllers....

Thanks in advance


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Is there a site anyone could recommend for info?
The BV4113 is a motor controll that requires only one communication wire. It's the easiest of all motor controllers to use. It also allows speed control (which hasn't been implemented yet)

The TB6612Fng motor controller is a standard hbridge. it requires many wires to be soldered, takes 4 digital i/o ports on the ez-b, and does not have speed control.

The i2c Stepper Motor Controller is for stepper motors, not regular motors. ARC does not have stepper motor control built in - yet.