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Question With Running Motors On L298n H-Bridge

Hey everyone. Currently my work on the blind device hasn't been quite successful yet. My project involves the use of the L298N H-Bridge to provide connection to two DC vibrating Motors. I am sure I have connected everything properly from the EZ-Board to the H-Bridge, and that both motors are alive. However, when I tried to test one on the H Bridge, not a single pulse was given. If anyone could provide me some help or advice, that would be great. Thanks.~RoboticsMaster.


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in general, the light on the H-Bridge is shown and when operated by switches in ARC it works fine. But there is no power going to the motor ports on the H-Bridge.:(
Hi Robotmaser
have you adjusted the PWM slider
Hello Bravia. As a matter of fact, I have. However, it seems that it still does not let power flow to the h-bridge motor ports. For my Input connections, I have: IN4 as D15, IN1 as D16 ,IN2 as D17, and IN3 as D18, and the power the ground to D19. I assume these are the correct input ports since I can see the leds on the H-Bridge correspond to which directions I put the motors as in ARC. What is your idea of what seems to be the problem? You can tell me if the ports are incorrect, I'm fine with that. Or if there's any other problems, please tell me.:)
Ohhhh. That may seem to be the problem. You see, I have the vcc going to the positive end of a 9 v. battery pack, but I also have ground + 5v. of the HBridge going to D19. So, how do I go about fixing this problem? *confused*
If I understand you correctly you have a connection to D19 ,that is you are using +5v and ground from the EZB to power the motor
Remove this and make a direct connection to the battery that powers up the EZB ,try this first

If you use a seperate power source to power H Bridge you will need to connect both grounds together.
Forgive me if I'm wrong, but the new connections should be ground of the h-bridge to ground of the battery, vcc to the positive end of the battery, and 5v. to the positive end of the battery? Or vcc and gnd to the negative end of the battery, and 5v. to positive?
THANK YOU SO MUCH!:D It works perfectly now, and everything is connected perfectly! Also, nice to meet you. I'm Alden. It was great talking to you. Perhaps we can form alliances! It's always nice to meet a fellow roboticist. I'll see you around, and thanks much! :D
Thank you ,you are very welcome thats what it all about here we help each other
have fun with the Hbridge and of course EZB