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Question With Bing Speech Recognition

Hello, I have a problem with the Bing speech recognition. My test version had expired, now I have registered again and pay for the service. I have a new key, unfortunately, the speech recognition only once, then you have to wait a few minutes until it works again. Do you know what the problem is?

Thank you in advance


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Wow, you shouldn't have had to pay. The Bing speech recognition is a free service. My trial expired and I had to go through a whole process of registering and signing up. There are a few choices of accounts to sign up to. One is a straight monthly charge but there is also a Pay As You Go account. The Pay As You Go is what you need to choose to keep using the FREE Bing speech recognition service. They did however take my credit card info with promises of it not being charged for the free Pay As You Go service. I've monitored my accounts now for months and I have not been charged. When I log into my account with Microsoft I check and I always get the response that I have used nothing chargeable.

I know I didn't answer you delay question but you should cancel your paid account and sign up for the Pay As You Go account if you don't use any of the other chargeable services. eek I hope there is no difference in this if you're in Germany or the USA. I don't know why they would charge one counties customers and not another.

Good Luck.


Hello Dave, thanks for the hint, I've now also found how I can change the account to free of charge. Unfortunately, it does not change the fact that the speech recognition only works sometimes. Last week Tuesday + Wednesday + Thursday it worked perfectly. Since Friday it is again so that I have about 1-2 minutes of waiting until the speech recognition works again. There is no solution, I suspect that there is a problem on the Microsoft server. Overload? Does anybody have the same Problem?


I don't use it daily or for long periods of time when I do. However I've never experienced this issue. I like in the USA. Maybe the issue is distance from MS? I know little about time and distance and how it affects the www. Have you contacted MS tech support? That's where I'd start.


I have just made a short video, here you can see that the output of the Bing speech control only works the first time, then the same response from Bing is always issued. You have to wait 1-2 minutes, then it works again. But just a single time.

Does anyone have this problem?


That would be frustrating. I can't see well, in the window, does Bing return the proper response that you say to it and expect to see after the silence period? If si Bing is working but the part of your setup that reads the response is not picking it up and reading it back. Are you also using pandorabots to read it back to you?

If so try to remove pandorbot from the process. Pandorbot may be your issue. Then write a script to play a sound file or move a servo insead. This way you can confirm that at least Bing is working properly. I don't use pandorbot with my robot. I use Bing and scripting inside the Bing control to trigger sound files and animation EZ scripts in my robot.

When you write your script you need to write the response you store in a variable exactly like Bing returns it (including spelling, structure and punctuation) or it wont be recognized and your script won't work. ;)

EDIT: For example fro me to trigger sound clips from one of my ARC's Script Managers I have installed:

if ($BingSpeech = "2 steps forward my mechanical friend.")
  ControlCommand("Bing Script Support", ScriptStart, "2 steps forward my mechanical friend.")
ELSEif ($BingSpeech = "Good afternoon.")
  ControlCommand("Bing Script Support", ScriptStart, "Good afternoon.")
ELSEif ($BingSpeech = "Eliminate all non essential personnel.")
  ControlCommand("Bing Script Support", ScriptStart, "Eliminate all non essential personnel.")
ELSEif ($BingSpeech = "Danger danger will Robinson.")
  ControlCommand("Bing Script Support", ScriptStart, "Danger danger will Robinson.")


Pandora is not the cause, you see the output of Bing. I am sending only everything which was not programmed by me to pandora, the rest is processed directly in the ARC. Bing has been working again since today. Somehow, the problem only occurs on weekends.